Headshots and Missing Front Teeth: Post-Processing Workflow

Hello, fellow photographers! In this video, I take you through my entire post-processing workflow for a headshot I took of my 7-year-old daughter which I featured in my last video.

If you haven’t watched that video yet, I highly recommend that you watch it before watching this video because I go through the whole photoshoot processing from start to finish including everything from the backstory to conceptualization to lighting setup and more.


To summarize, my basic portrait post-processing workflow consists of the following (in this order):

  • Basic tone adjustments
  • Skin softening with brush
  • Clarity adjustments for eyes, eyebrows, mouth and sometimes hair with brush
  • Teeth whitening with brush
  • Iris enhancing with brush
  • Spot removal of blemishes and stray hairs
  • Reduce lines under the eyes with the spot removal tool
  • Crop for proper composition
  • Final tone adjustments and tweaks

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Hit me up in the comments. See you in the next video!