Rainy Vegas Landscapes

You may remember my buddy Nabeel. He joined me on a recent astrophotography excursion. Well, Nabeel thought it would be a great idea recently to grab our cameras and head out in search of some evening landscape shots of the Las Vegas valley. This would have been a great idea… if it weren’t for the fact that it was ABYSMAL in Las Vegas on this particular day. It had been rainy, windy and cold all day.

Not one to back down from a challenge, I grabbed my gear, including my Sony a6000 to vlog the experience, and reluctantly agreed to meet him and go shooting.

We began the evening on the south side of the valley in an area Nabeel believed to have a good view of the whole valley. We ended up on a golf course which is where we set up to take our first batch of photos.

After getting as many compositions as we could there, we moved on to a park area located at the edge of the valley which had a great view of the strip. This is where our shoot concluded.

Despite my initial hesitance to take my equipment out in the rain and cold, I’m glad I went. It was definitely a challenge but it resulted in a good photography experience and some memorable photos.