Shooting For The Stars

Of all the genres of photography I enjoy shooting, astrophotography has to be my favorite (even if it’s not my strongest genre). I live in a busy city, so whenever I have an opportunity to grab my camera and go somewhere quiet and peaceful where I can take my pictures, I take it.

I recently did just this with my friend Nabeel. We hopped in my car and headed into the unknown—i.e. about 45 miles or so southeast of Las Vegas—in search of dark skies and adventure.

What ensued was a 4-hour photography journey resulting in some great shots and good times. We began our journey just outside the “ghost town” known as Nelson, NV, and ended up at what appeared to be a recreational area right next to the Colorado River which I later found out is known as Eagle Wash.

Our main goal was to capture some good night shots of the Milky Way, but in our attempts to be more creative, we even sprinkled in some shots featuring light painting and flash. It was a fun, creative adventure and I can’t wait to get out and do it again!