Testing Out the TAMRON 70-200 at Bryce’s Last Basketball Game

So this episode is WAY overdue. I filmed it back in February 2017 and am just finishing the video. Go easy on me.

Anyhoo, in this episode, I take my new Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 DI VC USD* out for a spin at my son’s last basketball game of the season. And in case you’re wondering, no, it’s not the new G2 lens (don’t get me started). I picked up the international version—meaning it’s a brand new Tamron lens but it doesn’t come with Tamron’s warranty—for $925, versus spending $1399 for the version with the factory warranty. Based on what I’d heard, the build quality is exceptional so I figured it was worth it.

So why, you may ask, would I do a review about an outdated lens? Well, for starters, this isn’t a review channel—it’s a photography vlog—so don’t expect any lengthy analysis of it’s performance (although I do comment on it in the video).

Either way it was my first real-world test of the lens and it performed quite well. It completes the focal range I’ve been wanting for a while so I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

As for my son, he’s still got a few years before he reaches NBA status, but I’m glad I’m able to properly document his progress. Enjoy the episode.

*affiliate link